Friday, October 15, 2010

Looking Down The Barrel

I saw this photo on the common computer drive and wanted
to share it. It's a view looking down the runway, as a
plane would see it when landing. I've never seen it from
the vantage point of a C-17 since we're strapped in back
in the cargo section, but I did get to see it last year
when I returned from a trip to Allan Hills in a Twin Otter,
when we could look through the pilot's window when we landed.
Definitely a unique point of view. Also, look in the
background. Those aren't cliffs. It's a mirage called a
Fata Morgana. We see them pretty frequently here and it
gives a kind of surreal look to the horizon.

1 comment:

Leah Mraz said...

How interesting. Never heard of that mirage before. I totally thought it was a mountain range. Very cool.