Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Regular U.N. Around Here

We're a busy place here these days.

Casey Station
The Airbus arrived from Hobart Australia with several
dozen Australians headed for Casey Station When the
LC-130 flight that was taking them from McMurdo to Casey
was cancelled, they got to spend the night in the Big Gym.

Stazione Mario Zucchelli
Then the C-17 brought several dozen Italians down here
from Christchurch, headed for Mario Zuchelli Station.
When the weather turned bad, the Basler and the Twin
Otter that were supposed to take them there cancelled as
well and they were stuck here for the night.

McMurdo is the major logistics hub for this side of the
continent, and as such, we see all kinds of folks here.
So far, Australians and Italians. Later this year, Swedes
with the Ice Breaker Oden. Other years, South Africans,
Russians, French...just to name a few.

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