Thursday, July 07, 2011

Band Practice

In the summer, it gets hot in Grand Junction. Today was no exception as
the thermometer reached over 90 again. What was surprising though was
the sound of marching band music coming through our July!
We live behind Grand Junction High School and during today's hot weather
100 or so kids were out practicing for almost eight hours. I was pretty
surprised because practices usually don't start until closer to the beginning
of school at the end of August. Brass, Drums, Woodwinds, Flags, etc, etc.
They were all out there. And they sounded pretty good! I'm not sure why
they were practicing so early in the summer, but I overheard the instructor
tell members over a bullhorn that gaps in their line would be visible from
high up at Invesco Field (Where the Broncos play in Denver). So maybe they're
going to play a halftime show or something there. We recognized only one
song (The Theme From Romeo and Juliet) and one song sounded vaguely
to me like Elmer Fudd's and Bugs Bunny's Wagnerian "Kill the Rabbit", but
I'm sure that wasn't what it was! Anyway, not only was I impressed by their
ability, but by their stamina. Good job!

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