Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fireworks of Childhood Past

Tennessee Alabama Fireworks

During my walk this evening, I witnessed the aftermath of last night's
missile barrage that took place near our house. At least it sounded like
that. Of course it was Independence Day and I'm pretty sure fireworks
are much easier to come by than when I was a kid. In the late 70's,
growing up in Indiana, one could pretty much buy sparklers or snakes.
You know...those pieces of ash that curled up on the ground when you
lit them with a match. Oh...and caps, but those weren't restricted to
the 4th. We'd bang on them with a rock on the sidewalk all summer
long. But I digress...

I, on the other hand had a loophole. My brother and sister both lived
in Georgia and we would visit them at least once a year. Fireworks were
apparently big (and legal!) in the south and the small town of South
Pittsburg, Tennessee was on the way home. South Pittsburg was home
to Tennessee Alabama Fireworks. To a kid who loved fireworks, it was
the Valhalla of Fireworks! For some reason, they wouldn't let you smoke
in the store. I don't know why... I would always buy the same. A dozen
packages of Bottle Rockets, A brick of Black Cat Firecrackers and a bag of
M-80s. I would then shoot them off all summer, scaring the crap out of the
dog in the process and scaring my Aunt Sharon as well when I would hold a
small demonstration at the end of the driveway!

Now, it seems you can buy fireworks just about anywhere. Without
much problem in the west and certainly in Indiana. These days, I
don't buy them, but they definitely keep me awake every July. And
yes, I still have all of my fingers!

Bottle Rockets

Black Cats



BWI said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences here on your blog.

Anonymous said...

where can you get m80s now