Monday, August 22, 2011

Morning Coffee

I enjoy visiting new and different coffee houses when I'm on the road.
It's almost as much fun as visiting book stores! (My name is Tom, and
I'm a geek....(crowd yells, Hi Tom!). Anyway, I digress. Let's turn back
the clock and pretend it's 1997 again. Lynn and I were opening a small
Internet coffee house in Estes Park, Colorado. We had chosen our roaster,
but were approached by a small company from Denver, named Dazbog.
Yes, it's a unique name, because the family that owns the company fled
from Leningrad in the former Soviet Union
and settled in Colorado. We
were very close to choosing Dazbog, but eventually did not. They still
hold a special place in our hearts, especially since I might be working and
living in Russia sometime in the next few years. They make wonderful
coffee and their employees are always very friendly. I've never had a
bad cup of coffee at Dazbog.

After I dropped Lynn off at the office for her orientation, I needed a
place to hang out for the morning until lunchtime when it would be
time to take her to the airport. I did some research on Yelp! and
found that the highest rated coffee house in the area is Kunjani Coffee
in Parker. The staff was really friendly when I arrived, the Americano was
well-made and the breakfast burrito from Aspen Delikatessen was tasty.
Even the wifi was fast, and easy to use. All of this in a cozy, living room
type atmosphere with an option to sit outside on a nice patio.
However....this was all ruined by a group of about a dozen 40-something
women who descended on the place and spent the next two hours
talking over each other. They meant no harm, obviously, and I'm not
trying to play the role of "cranky guy", but it was really disturbing. I
searched my bag for headphones or earplugs to no avail. As a former
coffee house owner, I know there's not much that the staff could do to
quiet them, without alienating them and risking the loss of future
business, but it was just plain silly how LOUD they were. It's not a
library, but I wish people would be more conscientious of their actions.
I will come back here again. I just hope the loud ladies stay home.


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You got good service there.

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