Monday, August 22, 2011

Tattered Cover Book Store

When visiting a different city, many people go to museums, famous
sites, tourist attractions, etc. I have a tendency to visit bookstores!
I've lived in Colorado since 1996, so I've "been there, done that" in
regards to most of the attractions in Denver. One place that most
tourists don't visit is a city's independent bookstore. Today, I'm at
the Highlands Ranch location of Denver's own Tattered Cover.
Tattered Cover has three locations in the Denver area. The store
in Lodo, another location on East Colfax and this location in
the south suburbs. I haven't been to the location on Colfax and I
really didn't want to deal with the traffic downtown, so I headed here,
to Highlands Ranch. Highlands Ranch is definitely "soccer mom"
central, but they've tried to emulate the dark woods and feeling of
their Lodo store. In my mind though, it is not a replacement for
their former store in Cherry Creek. It was the first bookstore Lynn
took me to in Denver and when they decided to close it a few years
ago, it was a sad day. However, I'll continue to enjoy the other
locations...even the Highlands Ranch moms and all...

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Benjamin said...

The Colfax location is nice. I lived a few blocks away and would often buy my coffee there since they use a local Colorado company for their coffee.