Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sometimes You Just Need to Take a Drive

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.  Looking at the same four walls every day can drain on anyone, even if they enjoy their home.  Lynn and I were running some errands today, and instead of going straight home, we took a circuitous route around Colorado National Monument, which we can see from our backyard.  Lynn decided she wants to live on a very small street named Wildwood Drive, which butts up to the park.  We feel SO fortunate to live in a place when you can hop into the car and within a few minutes, to a couple of hours, can be at so many places in the American West that are only dreams or trips of a lifetime to others.  We are blessed.

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Lynn said...

That was a beautiful drive and I'm a happy camper. Thank you. Wildwood? No, I think it was Buffalo Dr. Anyway it was right there next to the monument with a 360 view of the Grand Valley, Bookcliffs and the Grand Mesa. I feel so grateful.