Friday, July 22, 2005

March Of The Penguins

March Of The Penguins
opens in theatres nationwide this week and is getting great reviews.
It was created by a French filmaker, Luc Jacquet, in conjunction with
National Geographic, and narrated by Morgan Freeman. It features
a family of penguins in the Terre Adelie area of Antarctica and their
annual march to their nesting area to lay their eggs and hatch their
chicks. If it's in a theatre near you, go see it. We're hoping it's still in
the theatre by the time we get to Christchurch.

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Miss Distance said...

Hey Tom -- found your site while searching for "Antarctic" blogs.
So you're working at McMurdo right now, eh? And how long will you be on the Ice? Curious. I'll be coming down as a "Woo" in late October through the NSF Antarctic Artists and Writers program. I'm very excited! Perhaps we'll meet before you leave for NZ.