Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hammerin' Hamann

My nephew, Henry, is having quite a year playing
for his baseball team (and my alma mater) the
Hebron Hawks. Today he was the focus of an
article by the Times newspaper in Northwest
Indiana. He's just a junior, but he leads the
team in pitching and hitting. Their record isn't
the best, but they've played a lot of larger schools
that aren't in the Porter County Conference.
Hopefully he can turn his talent into an athletic
scholarship for college, although he is pretty
smart, so I don't think he'll need to count on it.
I'd like to say that he gets his talent from me...
but I can't. His father (my brother) was second
team all conference in baseball his senior year,
and my dad was a pretty good player at Boone Grove.
Me? Although I was pretty good up until junior
high, I did a fair job of keeping the bench warm
in high school. Hopefully Henry will continue
to have a great year. Regardless, we're proud of

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