Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nepal Restaurant

Yesterday, on our way to drop Leza off at
the airport, we stopped at the Nepal Restaurant.
It specializes in Nepali and Indian food and
we'd heard that it was really good. It didn't
disappoint us. You wouldn't think you would
find a Nepali restaurant in Grand Junction, but
apparently there's a small group of about 15
Nepalis from the Kathmandu area that now live
as American citizens in the Grand Valley. There
was an article a few weeks ago in the local
newspaper about the owner and it's a real
American success story. He started as a
dishwasher in local restaurants and worked his
way up the ladder to eventually owning his own
restaurant in Glenwwood Springs. Now he owns
the "Nepal Restaurant". They have a great
(and reasonably priced) lunch buffet and a
dinner menu in the $10 to $15 range. The
staff doesn't speak a lot of English, but they
make up for it with their service and smiles.
It's nice to have a little piece of the Himalayas
right here in Grand Junction.

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dani said...

i wanna go there when i come to visit...more on that soon...figuring it all out this weekend...talk to ya later..hope all is well and i can't wait to see you both....yippee...dani