Monday, April 24, 2006

Peaches the Size of Your Head

Yesterday we took Leza to see the peach blossoms
in Palisade. Although most didn't look like the
pictured above, a few did and it was certainly
nice to see everything greening up. Our Ice
friend, Mariah, grew up in Moab and would come
to Grand Junction occasionally. When she was
here, she would eat "peaches the size of your
head". Now, she might have been exaggerating
just a bit, but this area definitely has lots
of orchards with peaches, nectarines, apples,
cherries and apricots with vinyards full of
grapes. This is sometimes called the "banana
belt" of the state, known for it's mild climate
that allows such fruit to grow. Recently, the
governor signed a bill that would allow people
from other states to buy Colorado wines via the
internet and through interstate mail order.
We're looking forward to having some of those
peaches before heading back to the Ice in the
fall, but it might be kind of scary, watching
people walking around with peaches the size of
their heads!

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