Monday, October 16, 2006

Between Two Worlds

Last night I started my new shift. I work a unique shift
(even by McMurdo standards) of 6pm to 6am. However, I do
get two days off per week instead of the standard one.
Since everyone else in my department also is on the same
type of schedule, we were all pretty zombified by the
time our shift ended. All of this compounded by the fact
that it's now light 24 hours a day and it feels weird to
be moving about in the light at 2:00 in the morning.
Like everything else here, you learn to adapt. You get
used to the light, the dark (or lack of it this time of year)
the different hours and even the dining schedule. Lunch is
something called Mid-rats (Midnight Rations) and is at
midnight. Soon, I will be adapted to all of the changes.
In the meantime...I think I'm going to bed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom!
Great to hear from you and good luck in your new job and life amoung the "night people"!
I really miss not being there and hope to come back for a winter very soon.
I hear that this winter will have a record low population.Is that true?
I've been in Afghanistan since Feb.
Prior to that, New Orleans off shore on the rigs but you probably know that if you talked to Sausage fingers at all last season.
I'm kinda out of the loop for jobs but gimme a holla if you hear of anything!
Give my best to your Connecticut wife!
Cheers,Chef Bobby