Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Sleepy Transition

The past couple of nights, I have been one of the
zombies wandering the frozen streets of McMurdo.
I'm not having problems falling asleep. I'm
purposely trying NOT to sleep.
I am one of the 25% (my estimate) that will be
working on the "night" shift. I knew coming down
here that I would be spending half the season on
nights, and honestly I'm quite glad I'm doing it
the first half of the season. I know that it will
be very busy in my job the second half on days, but
working nights will help me get used to the throngs
that occupy this station on a daily basis.
Therefore, I have gone to bed at 3:30, 4:30, and
this morning, I will go to bed at 7:00, probably
sleeping until 3:00pm. I will have made the
successful "transition" to nights. In a way, it
will feel a lot like wintering. Lots less people
on the streets, in the galley and in the hallways.
I think I will enjoy it...if I can stay awake.

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