Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Bill

I have two bosses. David is my RPSC boss and Bill is my NSF boss.
Today is Bill's birthday. Just one day past April Fool's Day.
And how does Bill get to celebrate his birthday? He gets to wash
dishes (on the far right in the photo, wearing the white apron)
Even though his real dishwashing day isn't until Thursday,
he swapped with the Doc because she was teaching a class today.
Of course everyone has a grand old time when one of the Managers
has to wash dishes. Knowing Bill though, he's taking it in stride
with a good sense of humor.


linda ringwood said...

Happy Birthday Bill...hey Tom! what pranks did u play on Bill for having born on such a special day? :)

Amy Riddle said...

From the other side of the world...Happy Birthday, Bill!

Amy Riddle
Naknek, Alaska
Bristol Bay