Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Town Photo

I was going to title this entry as "The Frozen
Chosen" or something catchy like that. However,
this is what it is...the Town Photo. We managed
to get 102 out of the 119 McMurdo-ites to come out
for the photo and actually got a day that was
fairly warm, very little wind, and fairly clear.
The Royal Society Range in the background is only
slightly visible, but otherwise, it's a great shot
of Hut Point and McMurdo Sound. Lynn and I are
near the bottom center. I'm holding my patch for
the Antarctic Vexillological Association and of
course Bruno (Lynn's Ape) is front and center.
I think we're going to try to take a night shot
later this season, possibly at Scott's Hut. That
will be much colder, but should be fun as well.


Lori Murray said...

This is a really nice photo. I hope you guys have a great winter.

Anonymous said...

If Bruno finds out you called him an APE, you better...well, I can't be responsible for what Bruno, the body guard does to you. He's a GORILLA. Honestly!