Sunday, April 22, 2007

Polska Antarkyda

Becasue my ancestry is half Polish, I'm always interested
in almost anything about Poland and it's people. This
winter, Lynn's co-worker, Kaska is actually from Poland.
Kaska and her husband, Kevin (from Wisconsin) work in the
Supply Department. We had brunch today with Kaska and Kevin
and I had a few laughs when Kaska and Alex (whose family is
from the Czech Republic) started trading Eastern European
words. (Both languages are Slavic so they have some similarities).
Alex told us that the worst insult you could call someone in
Czech is equivalent to "Ox". In the meantime, Kaska can actually
say F..k in English but turned very red and embarrassed when asked
to say it in Polish. Over the years, I've only known one Polish
word that I learned from my Grandma and that was the equivalent
to a Horse's Butt. Kaska confirmed that I had been using it
correctly, although was embarrased to say it. It's funny that
for some reason at our brunch, swear words only were discussed.
However, Kaska is a great warehouse of valuable information
about Poland and I'm looking forward to learning more from her
about the country as the season goes on.

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