Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dinner at Scott Base

Tonight we made the trip over the hill to have dinner
at Scott Base. I think that because our population is
so small this year, the two bases are closer than in past
years. Ironically, Scott Base has their largest winter
population in almost 50 years at 20 people. We know quite
a few of them and it's always good to visit. Again, I got
to use the espresso maker and it was definitely a treat
making my friends lattes. If I could do almost any job
where it didn't matter if I made any money or not, I think
I would be a barista. Although powdered milk is really hard
to foam. Even tougher than trying to foam skim milk, which
I do with ease. So after dinner we visited the store and
escaped without spending a lot of money and checked out the
progress of the new Galley and Bar. They'll be open in about
a month and I'm hoping they have a grand opening before Winfly.
It was a nice, relaxing evening.

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