Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Need A Weekend Off...

...From my weekend off. Typically we work 10 hours a day
6 days a week. The first weekend of the month we get two
days off. A Saturday and a Sunday. A true weekend.
However, this weekend was go go go. I'm tired and feel like
I need at least one more day off if not two. However, most
of my tiredness this weekend was self-induced. Saturday
started out with a quick brunch, followed by a trip to take
chile ingredients up to the SSC to make Green Chile later
this week. Then we went to a Tie-Dye class for a couple
hours where Lynn I created a few "masterpieces". I'll post
photos of them in the next couple of days. Then we had to
fulfill our 4 hours of Dining Attendant duty for this month.
Followed lastly by a couple hours at the MEC "Rock With Your
Sock Out" party, listening to Nathan, Tony, Pete, Jim, Sandwich
and Mike jam. A full day indeed. Sleeping in on Sunday
morning was a good prescription but then we followed it up
with a marathon session of rinsing out our Tie-Dyes and tonight
a dinner and movie in the B.O.G. (Back of Galley). Whew. Lots
of stuff packed into a couple of days. Thankfully we get
another two day weekend in two weeks because of Mid-Winter.
I think I'll be ready for it.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had such a whirlwind of a weekend. I wish you rest on your next weekend off, and not another repeat performance of being scheduled to the minute. Hope you enjoyed the movie. What was it, by the way?

Looking forward to getting together with you and Lynn the next time you're in this hemisphere.

Love and miss you guys!


Tom said...

We saw Blow with Johnny Depp on Sunday night, which we've seen many times before. On Friday we saw Last King of Scotland. We're looking forward to seeing you too.