Monday, May 28, 2007

Have You Seen This Parka?

This is my Parka

There are others like it.

But this Parka is mine.

Or so I used to think. When I finished lunch today, I came
back to the coat area and my parka (or "Big Red" as they are
usually known) was gone. With only 119 people on station and
probably 25% of those not wearing a Big Red, I'm not sure how
anybody could have confused their coat for mine. Especially
with someone else's gloves, a knitted cap, a gaiter, keys,
goggles and a knitted square from Lynn's knitting project in
the pockets. So as I write this, I'm hoping that someone
has discovered the error of their ways and returned my coat to
the B-155 Coat Area or calls me or writes me. It's the only
coat I have for the rest of the winter so I hope it turns up!

It returned. I called Amy at the Store, who informed me that
she looked for it at 1:00 and it wasn't there. When I called
her to check at 4:00 she informed me that it was back, albeit
in a different place than I left it. (I wasn't losing my mind
after all and someone actually did take it by mistake). So
there you go. Big Red is safely back home.


andrea said...

so, did you find it yet?

Tom said...

Hi Andrea...Yep, it showed up later that afternoon. Apparently someone took it thinking it was their's