Friday, May 18, 2007

Nathan Unplugged

Last night we had a cool "winter-over only" experience.
We got to listen to our friend Nathan play an acoustic
set of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon & Garfunkel.
What made it fun was the fact that he played it in the
stairwell of Building 155. So not only was the sound
fantastic, it was really cozy with 25+ people huddled
around in blankets (it's a cold stairwell).

The reason I say it was a winter-over only experience is
because something like this would never happen in the summer
season. It would turn into some "organized" event and would
probably be organized to death. Also, when else can you gather
people in a stairwell to listen to a super-talented musician
play a great set of music, coming as they are? No expectations,
no pretentiousness. Just a really diverse group of folks
getting together to enjoy listening to Nathan play. Speaking
of, Nathan is probably the best musician on station this winter.
He had the crowd clapping, singing and frequently laughing.
A master showman, he even gave away S&G cd's as trivia prizes.
(Of course I won one) Overall though it was a very cool event,
in a very odd location...but with a great group of people and
great music.

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