Thursday, August 02, 2007

We're In First!

Well, at least tied for first. The Cubs beat
Philadelphia tonight and Milwaukee lost to the Mets,
pushing the Cubs into a first place tie in the
Central Division of the National League. Considering
they were 8 1/2 games back at the end of June it's
quite an accomplishment. Yes, it's only the first
of August and yes, we haven't won a World Series in
98 years. But...this could be the year. It's really
hard following the team from this far away. The other
day I was able to watch a few innings at lunchtime, but
all the guys announcing the game wanted to do was talk
about anything BUT the game they were announcing. I
was telling Lynn that what we used to do in these cases
was turn the volume of the tv down and listen to the
WGN guys on the radio. Hard to do that here though
since it's unlikely the radio signal will reach 10,000
miles away. Another thing is that if...and this is a
really big "if", the Cubs make it to the Series, I'll
probably be somewhere in Eastern Europe while it's
going on. Just like in 2003, I was in a pretty remote
part of New Zealand while the Cubs were losing to the
Marlins in the Playoffs. Not a big baseball country
New Zealand. Can't see lots of balls and strikes being
called in Krakow or Bucharest either. First things first.
We need to win the Division, win the Playoffs, and then
the Series. It's Gonna Happen!


Melanie M said...
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Melanie M said...

Forget the tie... we're .001 percentage points ahead of Milwaukee, so we're in 1st!