Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This Year's Model

Every Winter, the community holds a contest in which
people design Winterover Patches and Stickers. Everyone
has a chance to vote and the winner's entry is made into
the final product. Todd designed both this year's winning
patch and sticker (the same design for both) which features
the McMurdo "Ghost Town". A reference to the small population
here this year. The design is taken from a photo by Antz who
got a great shot of auroras over the dorms earlier in the
season. If you look closely, there are two lights on the
second floor of the dorm. Those two lights are ours! Lynn
and I were home the night that the photo was taken and when
Todd used the photo for the patch, he used the lights as well.
So even though my patch entry didn't win, I'm still represented
in the a way.

As for my patch entry, it probably wasn't my best effort, but
Todd, Ben and I came up with the idea of representing things
that everyone seemed to have in common this winter. A plate,
since we all have been turned into Dining Attendants, a Nalgene
Bottle since the "mysterious" urge to keep hydrated seems to
appear at all parties where only beer and wine are allowed,
and a hammer to represent "contract" problems some folks had
this year. It was ok, but not the best of the lot and didn't
win. That's ok though. I'm happy with the results of the
entry that did win.

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Anonymous said...

i liked that sticker, i voted for it! - erika