Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Evil Cold Be Gone!

I'm tempted to start incantations. Rolling odd looking
bones and sticks on the ground. Reading tea leaves.
Consulting the moss on trees. Doing ceremonial dances around
a large fire. No, I'm not becoming a pagan. It's just
that I've been fighting the same crummy cold for the last
three plus weeks, and frankly, I'm tired of it. I'm
tempted to do almost anything to get rid of it. I know
I'm not alone, as I hear countless others in Christchurch
hacking and wheezing as I am, and the weather isn't
exactly cooperating to make it go away. Sure, the
sun is shining now, but it's still chilly and the
wind is blowing. I need a nice warm day so the sun
can shine and bake this out of me. Does it sound
like I'm complaining? Well...I am! I shouldn't have
to go through a 200 count box of Kleenex in less than
a week and basically buy stock in companies that make
cold medicines. Ugh. This cold sucks!

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