Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Jingoism is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as
"extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy".

For some reason, Jingoism or Jingoistic are words I like to
use and I really don't know why. Except I feel fairly
Jingoistic when it comes to some things. Having dinner
tonight with an old Ice Friend, Laura made me feel Jingoistic
about Pizza. Yes, this doesn't exactly fit into the mold of
"extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy",
but they just can't get pizza right here. I love New Zealand
and it's people but the pizza is just not "American" pizza.
Yes, I'm sure most Italians will give great looks of disdain
toward pizza in the States, but it's what I like. Heck, you
can't even get Chicagoans to agree with New Yorkers about what
pizza should be like let alone people around the world, but these
are things I've noticed about Pizza in New Zealand:

* An aversion to using tomato sauce as a base
* Frequently resembles a salad more than a pizza
* Odd ingredients such as fruit and mussels...mussels?

So even though I enjoyed my NZ pizza tonight, it was just that.
An NZ pizza. Tasty but not quite right...or is that just me
being Jingoistic?


Michelle said...

LOL You're a typical American stuck in NZ.

Every American I complains about the pizza. I don't mind it so much, mostly because I make my own. I kind of like trying their gourmet pizza from time to time though.

What really grosses me out howerver, is the NZ pizza with canned spaghetti as a base. I just want to hurl!!

Tom said...

LOL...I hope I NEVER come across that type of Pizza!

Michelle said...

Then to be safe, don't ever buy a slice of pizza from a bakery. The tend to served on 1/2 a hamburger bun and look somewhat edible until you realize what on it. You have now been warned! LOL

Benjamin said...

I love Winniebagoes. I eat there everyday when I am in Christchurch.

benjamin said...

The uniwatchblog has the word jingoism in it today as well! It must be the word of the day!

Tom said...

Yes, you are definitely correct. I must be a vocabulary trendsetter!

Lynn said...

Tom, I love you, but you are definitely not a trendsetter. Can't wait to see you. I need a t-shirt that says "on the 5th" to answer the "Hi Lynn when does Tom get here?" question. :-D