Monday, January 21, 2008

Lynn's Off To The Ice

This morning, I drove Lynn to the CDC to catch her flight
to McMurdo. Although you always hope for at least one
more day in Christchurch, this wasn't to be the case as
she took off right on time. Even though the plane was mostly
filled with Air Guard folks, she did get to travel with old
friends Lisa and Jed and a new friend, Julie. Lynn definitely
picked a good day to leave Christchurch as it's been really
windy with torrential rains all afternoon. Ugh. I guess I
should be enjoying the rain though since every day it rains
could be the last time I see it until late August. Weather
like this though reminds me why we didn't choose the Pacific
Northwest as a place to live.

I've heard from a co-worker of Lynn's that she made it to the
Ice safe and sound and she would contact me once she got
settled into her room. The first 24 hours of being there are
the hardest. I don't envy her one bit, but she's surrounded
by friends so she'll do great! At least she won't have to
go on the "dirt tour" tomorrow morning...

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