Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's a Cakewalk

The other day, I had to explain to someone what a
Cakewalk was. For those uninformed, a cakewalk is
when a large group of people walk around in a circle
drawn on the ground with numbers on the circle.
Music plays and when the music stops, you stop on
a number. If that number matches the number on a
pre-determined cake that somebody donated, you win
the cake. Easy as pie...or in this case, cake.
People are rapidly beginning to leave the Ice. My
friends in Air Services are constantly moving people
around trying to get people on and off flights, using
bumplists, prioritizing and in general just trying not
to make people angry. It's not their fault. There
are only a set number of seats available and when
departments move people around, Air Services has to
deal with it. Maybe they should give away cakes to
the unlucky people who get bumped from the flights.
It would make staying several more days more palatable.
At the very least start playing music and if you end
up on a number when the music stops, you get to fly!
Might take awhile, but at least it would be entertaining.

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