Monday, March 17, 2008

Where's The Gun?

For years, it's been a well-known fact that there are no
guns allowed on territory managed by the US Antarctic Program.
However, there is a persistent rumor that's been alive for
years that actually there is one gun and it's held by the
NSF Station Manager. The NSF Station Manager is deputized as
a US Marshall, and if there actually was a gun, it would be
their job to control it. I've worked under three different
NSF Station Managers in the Winter and all have said the
same thing...there is no gun. However, the rumors still
persist and one rumor is that there actually is a gun, but
it's held at Marble Point. Another rumor states that the
gun is at McMurdo, but the bullets are at Marble Point. Bill
told us the other day there there actually is no gun, but
only bullets and he needs to hit them on the ends with a hammer
to make them fire. He was kidding of course. However, Bill
went out to Marble Point this weekend via helicopter during
a tour of the Dry Valleys to see how this year's Extended
Season science was progressing. Was that really the reason he
went to the Dry Valleys and Marble Point??? If we see him
carrying a hammer around during the next few days, I think
we'll have our answer!

This story isn't anything but for fun...It shouldn't be taken
seriously by Art Bell or any other conspiracy theorist.


Been There said...


If the NSF Station manager had a gun in the safe do you really think he would tell anyone?

Dave B

benjamin said...

Just because someone carries a hammer around with them, doesn't necessarily mean they are going to hurt someone. Still, I would stay clear of anyone with a hammer. Did you catch the NY Times article about "Courting the Antarctica Vote?"

Gerard said...

You know, if you'd just slap up a bunch of condos this could be a perfect retirement location for all those in the States who believe in draconian gun control.