Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is it. This is where I spend 54+ hours a week.
I've definitely had worse work places. Until it got
dark for most of the day, I had a great view over
town and the mountains. The one big drawback was that
it has those really obnoxious fluorescent lights in
the ceiling...so I brought in some lamps to make it
a little warmer. My office is still a mess, but at
least it's not obnoxiously bright.


IowaMouse said...

Hey, this office looks great! A lot better than what I had last year! You're right...the lamps give it ambiance. "Cozy" Gee, you'd fit right in with the corporate world now...can we trade?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I have not commented on your blog before, but I check it every single day and it makes me smile. I just got a lovely handwritten note (we seem to have lost the art of handwritten notes and I particularly love getting letter mail) from Lynn. I am glad you guys are enjoying the marshmellows. I am also glad this year that I was able to send you the right kind since last year I sent you the gross NZ kind!
Lynn asked me to give her my email address, but I do not have hers to send it too. Can you please let her know that she can reach me at rsfeinberg at the email that is hot. I hope you continue to have a wonderful winter and please please keep blogging because I love reading your work!
:) rebecca

Michelle said...

It looks warm and cozy like a home office!

Ana Cristina said...

Hi, it is a nice office!!!
Regards from Portugal