Saturday, April 19, 2008

Freshies...Glorious Freshies!

When the plane left on Thursday, it deposited amongst other things,
thousands of pounds of Freshies. Fresh fruit and vegegetables.
We actually had mushrooms on salads Thursday night! I LOVE
mushrooms so it was a special treat. If you are a fruit lover,
almost more different kinds than you can imagine! Alas, these
won't last very long, but after having limited fresh produce
for two months, and sharing what we did have with 97 other people
who are now gone, it almost felt like grocery shopping while in
the Galley. Several times I heard people make that comparison.
A trip to the world back home without the high prices that fresh
produce usually brings. Lynn's favorite are the apples and I'm
partial to oranges...but fresh stuff...any fresh stuff is popular
this time of year.

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