Friday, April 18, 2008

Rare Winterover Mail

It is a true rarity when Winterovers receive mail in April,
but the fact that most folks wintering knew we were going to
get mail two months after the official end of summer caused
many to go on shopping sprees. I have to admit my
account took a beating. Three Thousand pounds of mail arrived
on the last flight and although I didn't get a "before" photo
of the mail room, every single shelf in this room was packed
with boxes, even spilling a bit onto the floor. How badly
did the Winterovers want their mail? Within 20 hours, it
was all gone. Empty shelves were all that were left. I
heard many folks say it was "Like Christmas". Volunteering
my afternoon to distribute mail, it was a little sad to see
some folks that didn't get things they thought they would,
including one friend that didn't get her laptop, but overall
most were happy. Lynn and I also got a lot of fun things,
including newspapers and special treats from Ice friends not
with us this year. It was most fun to see people light up
when they received their mail. To think that powers high up
on the ladder contemplated not sending us mail in April. It's
the little things that go a long way toward making people

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