Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Missing Miles

Lynn and I flew on Thai Airways last October to and
from Krabi and from Bangkok to Paris. After waiting
a month or so, we hadn't received our mileage yet from
Star Alliance so I did the correct thing of contacting
United Airlines Mileage Plus (The Star Alliance member
airline we hold our mileage with). I filled out the
proper forms, gave the flight and seat numbers and even
received an automated email stating that we should hear
from them soon. Months pass, I try contacting them
several times and each time someone in a far away land
tells me that I should be receiving the miles shortly
(telephone operator-ese for "go away and leave me alone").
Granted, it's just three flights credit, but 6850 miles
in this day and age where someday it will cost 25,000
miles to get a bag of pretzels, is definitely a big thing.
So finally, I write Thai Airways, thinking that United
isn't going to do anything for me (Why am I not surprised).
I receive an email (not automated) stating the following:

Dear Royal Orchid Plus Office,
Please kindly acknowledge this forwarded e-mail written by
customer and also take further action as appropriate.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

Best Regards,


Should I be encouraged? Stay tuned.

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