Monday, December 22, 2008

Maurice Lennel Cookies

A childhood memory of mine is Maurice Lenell Cookies. They
were (are) those kind of cookies that look good on a plate
but never quite taste as good as they look. Kind of like
the cookies with odd jelly centers that elderly aunts would
serve to the kids while the grownups would sit around and talk.
If we weren't having homemade cookies, we were more of a
Salerno Butter Cookie family, so if we had Maurice Lenell, it
was rare. Let's just say the packaging was more intriguing
than the cookies themselves. The packaging probably tasted
better too.

When I got to work today, of the Load Planners, had
received a bucket of Maurice Lenell Cookies from his Mom in
North Carolina. I didn't even know that they were available
outside of Chicago!!! And what kind of bucket was it? One with
a Nativity Scene with the Three Wise Men riding camels. Our
friend Leza always sends us a Christmas card with walking camels
and 3 wise guys on it so I felt this bucket would be mine....oh yes,
it would be mine! So I negotiated with Matt (amazingly he looked
at me oddly and didn't even haggle!) and when the cookies are gone,
yes...the bucket will be in my hot little hands. OK...I'm even
creeping myself out here in a Gollum-esque kind of way. Regardless,
I'm going to enjoy the bucket...even if it once had old-lady
cookies in it.

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Lori Murray said...

Yep, these buckets of cookies always look good, but they taste like they've been in the can for years. Probabaly have been :-) I remember getting them in decorated tin cans, not in buckets. Could have been a different brand, but the look the same.