Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weird Dreams

My subconscious mind seems to be working overtime
to catch up with adjusting to being off the Ice and adjusting
to "normal". Here's a dream I just had:

* My boss last winter, President of the United States
* I'm the guy that looks stuff up on Google to keep him informed
* Hillary Clinton is mad at me because I need to keep "my bosses"
informed that there's been a huge "milk spill" at some factory in
the Midwest...this while I'm trying to set up a display, telling
everyone about the milk spill while I'm helping out at Safeway
* There's going to be some cannons going off at the Ohio State
football game going on next to the White House but I forget to
tell anyone, so everyone is upset with me because they think
that Washington D.C. is being attacked.
* Don gets angry...not at me but at some senator. He goes over
to their house, and chops down their Lilac bush. All a big mistake
because he meant to chop down a different tree

So these are the things that are parading through my brain in
the middle of the night. What it all means? I haven't a clue...


IowaMouse said...

It's all that transition stuff from the Ice back to civilization. However, if you are dreaming about Don still, maybe it was a harsher winter than it appeared! LOL

Diane said...

How silly - lilac bushes don't bloom in DC, so no one bothers to grow them!