Sunday, March 08, 2009


I haven't quite figured out Kiwi television yet. Not the fact
that for some inexplicable reason the Kiwis enjoy watching
Australian soap operas and Aussie cop shows. Not the fact
that half the day seems to be filled with infomercials.
No, the fact that shows end and begin at odd times. We
just finished watching a movie on Channel One and it
ended at 10:20pm. A show started immediately at 10:20!
We looked at The Listener (NZ's kind of TV Guide) and it
listed the show starting at 10:30! Now if I had planned
on watching this show (another Aussie cop show), I would
be ticked off. On the other hand, I do enjoy the rather
graphic commercials shown here to promote safe driving.
At the end of the night NZ television redeemed itself by
showing Poltergeist...haven't seen it in years...then I realized
it was made in 1982...27 years ago! ugh...I'm old.

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Michelle said...

After 10 years I still cannot figure out NZ tv. It drives me nuts! LOL