Monday, August 31, 2009

Selling Books on Amazon

Times are tough for many people these days. However,
there are always people out there with money and willing
to spend it. Now, before reading further, take a look around
you. Do you have any books in your room? Any books in
your house? Any books you're willing to part with that you
haven't read for a very long time...if ever?

Over the last 36 hours I've made almost $25 selling three
books on in their used book section. I just
have to make a little effort of posting them online at a
reasonable price, packing them to send at the Post Office
to the customer (Amazon pays for the shipping) and
then Amazon deposits the payment into your bank account.
It's that easy. Sure, I probably won't sell this many books
this quickly all the time and yes, it's not a ton of money,
but in these times, every little bit counts.


the delightful said...

hmmm, i wonder how many of these books around the house my sister would miss.....

Lori Murray said...

Hmm, maybe it's time to pick up some books to add to my collection :-)

Benjamin said...

Selling my books would be like selling my children...if I had children.

Tom said...

I agree Ben...some of my books I would never sell, but others, like some of my Lonely Planets, will be out of date before I go to some of the places I have books for so they might as well benefit someone else. A great way to recycle.