Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Resident Again

For the past five years we have been residents of Wyoming.
Why Wyoming? Basically because we didn't live anywhere.
Yes, we own a house in Colorado, but for the most part we
didn't live here. Now, Lynn is going to live here while I go to
the Ice and I'll be living here when I get back in late February.
Today, we went to the DMV and in seemingly record time
(26 minutes) we got our temporary Colorado driver's licenses.
The new, plasticized versions arrive in the next 30 days, but
starting today, I am a Colorado resident again.


Benjamin said...

Urban Legend has it, the reason that you do not get your driver's license made at the DMV and given to you right there, is that someone broke into a DMV and stole the machine (obviously for making fakes) so now they are made "somewhere else."

Tom said...

was it a certain young boy that attended Central High???

the delightful said...

Interesting. I was just pondering a move to South Dakota. I think I may move to Chicago instead.

Benjamin said...

Not I. I never had a need for a fake i.d. Oh, and I vote for Chicago, Ms. Delightful.

Michelle said...

I'm so jealous, I'd love to be a resident again, or at least for awhile anyway.