Friday, September 11, 2009

Blackjack Pizza

Now that I'm less than two weeks out from leaving for
five months, I'm trying to get in all of my favorite things
just a few more times since it'll be March before they're
an option again. One of my favorite pizzas is a Colorado
based place called Black Jack Pizza. It's not the best I've
ever had anywhere, but it's a quality product and
reasonably priced. Plus the people are really nice when
we go there. Plus, they do one typically American thing
that seems to be a mystery to pizza makers in other
countries we've visited...actually using tomato sauce
on the crust! I'll miss it, (and other things to eat as
well) but five months will go by pretty quickly.


Michelle said...

Do you like Bocaza on North Ave? Now that makes my mouth water, oh and WW Peppers, Old Chicago...sorry I'm hungry! LOL

Benjamin said...

Bocaza!!! And right around the corner from you guys.