Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The big news today is that the Ice Pier has cracked
in half. Not just a small crack that I have actually
stepped over before, but a huuuuge crack that you
actually have to jump over. Now it's two separate
pieces, one actually higher than the other. They're
trying to keep it together because now that the Oden
is gone, there's no way to either push it back together
or as a last resort, tow it out to sea so that a new
one can be built. This Pier is 10 years old and the
only one I've ever known to be there. I'm not sure
what they're going to do.


Anonymous said...

Watching the Olympics last night was like a Vexillological dream come true. Hope you had a chance to enjoy all of the flags.

My favorite was learning about the only country that does not have a rectangular flag.

Do you know which one that was?


Benjamin said...

Well, there are more than one. Vatican City has a square one and Nepal has a flag made up of a couple pennants (one on top of the other), just off the top of my head. What country had a flag with a black line through it?

Unknown said...

I'm so proud of both of you! Switzerland is the third country that doesn't have a rectangular's square.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was the flag of Nepal that I was thinking of. Maybe they said it was the only country that had a flag that wasn't square or rectangular.

However you slice it, if I ever return to antarctica, can you both be on my trivia team?

Unknown said...

I would be honored if YOU were on my trivia team