Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Planning Redeployment

It's hard to believe, but the first Redeployment Meetings are
less than a month away. It seems like we just got here, and
now I'm planning not only my escape from the frozen south,
but the departure of 1000 or so other individuals as well.
Redeployment Meetings basically are a ninety minute session
describing what to expect when departing McMurdo and how
to fill out the paperwork necessary to do so. We have to hold
some people's hands more than others. Some folks that have
been coming down for years sometimes need the most help
with their paperwork, while others that are brand new can
make it through like a champ. My first step of the process
happened this week when I meeting space in the Galley in
Building 155. The Galley is the main room where everyone
eats, but it is also the largest room on Station and as a result,
large gatherings happen here. It's my job to coordinate the
travel section of the presentation, but presentations will also
be made by Housing, Finance and Human Resources. I act as
a defacto Master of Ceremonies for the whole event. We will
be having eight of these meetings during a 3-4 day period at
McMurdo and then I will be making the three hour flight to the
South Pole to help conduct the meetings there. I'll be getting
some help both at McMurdo and Pole from Janice, who is a
member of the Travel team in Christchurch. She'll be a
valuable resource since she can answer a lot of the questions
that I might not know the answers to. So there you go. This
time next month, I should be wrapping up the McMurdo stage
of the presentations and planning my trip to South Pole Station.
It's going to be a very busy couple of months after the holidays.


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