Saturday, August 19, 2006

She's Home

At least our home away from home.

Lynn called me a few minutes ago from McMurdo, where she
had landed a few hours earlier. She told me even though it's
been a full 12 months since we'd been there, it really only
feels like a couple of months. Now she's very busy, settling
in, seeing lots of old friends (Many of them wondering where
I am...that makes me feel good), and in general getting a
feel for the place again. The next few weeks will be hectic,
but it will go by very quickly. Then the real busy season of
Mainbody will be looming. Over the next few weeks, she'll
be sending me some pics of the Ice that she'll be posting on
her blogs:

I'll try to post some of these on this blog as well.
I'll also be posting pictures of Grand Junction exclusively
on my Photo of the Day section so that she'll feel more at
home. After all, she's at our home away from home. Not
the home where she'd rather be.


Anonymous said...

As I was reading your blog yesterday, I got word from Sky (the dude I am running loaders with for the first part of winfly) that one of the pax deltas had gone down and we had to drive a couple of vans out to Pegasus to pick up the people coming in. We were still driving out there while the plane was landing (I was one minute off. Phil Jacobsen won). As a result, I got to see Lynn out at the airfield, fresh off the plane. So yeah, fun times. Winfly is here!

Unknown said...

It's been 24 hours...have most of the orange people gotten on your nerves yet? BTW...I saw that you recently got a job with the IRS Mr. Dover...Score!

Glad you and Lynn got to meet up. Don't eat too many don't want to spend all day in the loo.