Thursday, June 14, 2007

Midwinter Greetings

It's tradition this time of year for all of the
Antarctic stations with Winterover populations to
send out Midwinter Greetings with a photo of the
station or the current Winterover crew. This year
is no exception as Casey Station of the Australian
Programme was the first to send greetings to us.
Casey is one of five Australian stations and is
located almost due west of us, past the Royal
Society Range and on the coast, south of Australia.
As you can see from the photo it's all men this year
and not a woman to be found. It reminded me of those
old photos of the early expeditions from the Heroic
Age. Over the next week, I'll be posting other photos
that we receive from around the continent with a little
bit of information about each one, followed by the
Midwinter Greetings from McMurdo on the actual Midwinter
Day. I hope you enjoy them.

1 comment:

Alessia Maggi said...

Happy Midwinter to all the Casey crew, and to all the other overwintering teams throughout the continent.

It would be great to see more of these cards from the other bases. I hope you do manage to get hold of some more.