Friday, August 24, 2007


Lynn and I made a rare appearance in the Galley for
dinner tonight. A good mix of old friends who just
arrived, good friends we wintered with and we met
Nic of "Big Dead Place" fame. Then Tad sat down.
Much to our disappointment, Tad is leaving tomorrow,
and before he comes back to the Ice in October, he's
visiting his sister who is with the Peace Corps in
Bulgaria. Nic, Tad and I compared what we knew about
Bulgaria. I knew what the flag looked like and that
the capital is Sofia, but that's about it. Nic and
Tad were no better. I do know it's south of Romania,
where Lynn and I are going in late October. Then,
rather unexpectedly, Amy came and sat down. She and
her husband Stefan arrived on first flight and Stefan
is FROM Bulgaria. He escaped during the
Communist days and Amy has spent a great deal of time
there. Amy answered a lot of Tad's questions and now
Tad knows more than everyone on station about Bulgaria.
Except for Stefan and Amy. Nic and I are still pretty
clueless. Although for some reason the word diptheria
came up several times. I think I'm getting a bit

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