Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm sitting at my desk at 4:30pm. My phone hasn't rung
for almost two hours. I haven't received a work related
email in almost three hours. I feel like I'm one of the
last people in Antarctica still working on a Saturday
afternoon. But...the sun, in it's process of slowly
setting, later and later each day, is now peeking into
my window, forcing me to turn my head slightly if I don't
want to be blinded. A very small part of me is annoyed,
while the other 95% of me closes my eyes and feels the
warmth on my face. It's amazing how good that feels after
so many months of cold.

1 comment:

MattO said...

...and at the same time at 80 degrees north, we're just realizing it's finally getting dark at midnight after our long summer. guess it really is a small world now.

enjoy your last few weeks on the ice.