Monday, December 03, 2007

Foods of Chicago

We watched a really good program tonight on the Chicago
PBS station,WTTW Channel 11 called Foods of Chicago.

The Chicago area is a great melting pot, with scores of
nationalities both in the city and burbs. Each of these
ethnic groups brought their own foods with them and some
were even modified by other groups and made better. In
reality, Chicago rivals famous "food cities" such as New
York and San Francisco for it's number and quality of
international restaurants. This show does a good job of
touching on several dozen of these foods that most of us
know and love and some of their stories and backgrounds.
The accompanying book and DVD look really interesting, but
I think it's a tad steep at $120 for the set, even though
it's for a good cause (Public Television). I'll wait
'til the price drops a bit.

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