Friday, January 04, 2008

Customer Service?

When Lynn and I woke up this morning our wireless wasn't
working. It worked OK when we went to bed last night.
Why wasn't it working now? I tried several "tricks" that
I knew including the old standby reboot, and reset the
DSL modem, etc. Nothing. What was odd is that the
DSL on my Mom and Dad's computer was working, which is
also tied into the DSL. Hmmm...curiouser and curiouser.
Thinking it might be the LAN cable, I bought a new one
this evening and tried it...nope...nothing. OK...last
resorts. I called Netnitco which is the Internet provider
here. The first person I spoke with told me that Macs
are antiquated and he didn't think anybody used them
anymore, so he didn't know anything about them. Later,
I called again to get a different person. Instead of
getting help, I received a lecture from this person
telling me I shouldn't cross platforms of Mac and Windows
on the same DSL line and that I shouldn't be trying to use
wireless on a DSL line. Huh? I told him I called for
help and didn't call to get a lecture regarding his opinion.
So I hung up. Even though they have notorious long waits,
I thought I would try calling Apple. They told me I would
be on hold for up to 90 minutes until a Tech for Routers
could help me. I sighed, and said, yes...I will wait.
After a decent Stan Getz tune, several bad Sting songs and
lots of other horrible elevator anthems later, the line
went dead...Arrgh. I called back and was informed by a
machine that Apple had closed for the day. Please try
back at 6am. So turn off the lights, disconnect the people
that are on's time to go home! Undaunted, and
feeling a bit possessed, I took the matter into my own hands...
I search Google for a solution. And you know what? I found
it! Yes, I reset the router to trick the DSL into thinking
it was a "new" router, never been used on the system. I felt
so smart...and so vindicated. I'm not an expert at fixing
things...let alone computers...but I called people today that
are getting paid decent money to do this...and hopefully with
a pleasant demeanor. If we truly live in a Service Economy,
the the economy is in bad shape if today is any indication.

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kay said...

Two words....

Claw Hammer.