Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Swear

My sister, Terri, was sworn in as the Clerk-Treasurer of my
hometown of Hebron, Indiana. It was well attended by lots of
family including her husband, three sons, my parents and Lynn
and I. While watching the judge swear in each of the members
of the town council, I thought to myself, "I can see why each
of these persons wants to be an elected official for this small
town". For the most part, they want to help their community
be a better place to live. I can see that as being the reason
for most people running for political office (although for some,
I'm sure pure ego is the sole reason). This is definitely not
Terri though. She is very selfless and totally qualified for
the job. She will do good things for the town and it's citizens.

All of this political observation today led me to think
about the ongoing (and will it ever end) political primary
process in Iowa and New Hampshire. It's only January 1st, and
I'm already tired of politicians running for President. I don't
feel especially enamored by any of the candidates I do know of a
few people I will absolutely not vote for, but I'll keep those names
close to my vest. What seems to be true though is that
all of the candidates seem to have the following traits:

1. Not Likable
2. Not Qualified
3. Have the Personality of a Walnut
4 All of the Above

Why do any of these people want to be President anyway? It can't
be for the money. Most of them are millionaires many times over.
What do they have in common with the average American? Maybe it's
for the great benefits once they leave office??? Maybe because it
will make them very old and distinguished looking by their third
year of office? Doubt that thinking? Look at the last several
Presidents and how they looked after leaving office. Whatever the
reason is, I hope someone shows something...anything...that will
make me want to vote for them. Regardless, I am glad that I'll be
out of the country for most of this year's campaign season. I used
to enjoy watching the political process unfold. Now it just makes
me want to swear.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Portugal.
Literary Greetings

kay said...

We have congressional DV's here right now. I'm so not impressed.

Dorks. Give them a GoTainted, and a slap on the ass. Ask Susie about the GoTainted.