Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Crud

I'm in the middle of battling the Crud.
The Crud is a cold/flu/noxious waste of
an existance that seems to take down most
folks in McMurdo at one time or another.
I've been planning for this battle since
I've been here, sleeping 9-10 hours per
night, drinking lots of fluids, taking
vitamins, eating semi-right. Now, I'm
hoping that all that will pay off. I
came home last night feeling like garbage,
with a bit of a sore throat and a very
runny noise. Today is my day off and I've
slept all but 5 hours of it. I hope it
pays off because I still have a busy work
week ahead of me.


Been There said...

I recommend Bourbon! Worked for me.

Dave B

Lori Murray said...

Get better soon!

It goes around up here all the time too. Too many people flying in from all over. I had a really bad case of it in Aug.

hhh said...

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