Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Long Day

Today turned into a long day. Everything actually
went very smoothly for most of the day. Flights
actually made it to WAIS Divide and to Byrd Surface
Camp. No small accomplishment considering the
weather in those places lately. Just after 4PM,
I needed to conduct a crew tour. Pretty standard
stuff, but Store was closed so I drove the crew
to a few additional photo-taking spots. When
I dropped them off at the plane, I was instructed
to stick around. I would need to pick up four
generals and their escort from the LC-130 Herc
and take them to the C-17. However, when I picked
them up, they decided to wait in the Airfield Galley
until the plane left. Not a big deal at all, but
by now the clock was spinning and my day was getting
longer. By the time I dropped them off at the
plane going north, I had been at work for 13 1/2
hours. Ugh. Just in time to eat dinner and go
to bed.

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