Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Dome is Done

Built back in 1975, the Dome at the South Pole
finally came down this summer. It was no
longer needed since the new station has been
built. A whole crew dedicated just to this
project spent most of the summer dismantling

After it was taken apart, it left a huge hole
in the "ground". I'm told that this hole is
being filled in. All of the surrounding snow
has built up over the years and was actually
at the same level as the base when it was built.

I was lucky enough to see the dome in person
twice. Once in 2007 and in 2009. Even half
buried in snow, it was still impressive. It's
too bad it couldn't (or wouldn't) be saved.


Idan said...

They're going to fill the hole? Doesn't the Antarctic winter do that naturally FOR FREE?

Unknown said...

lol...apparently not quickly enough

Lori Murray said...

Wow, they really got it all taken down fast.