Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back in The World

The highlight of my first day back in the real world was visiting
my friend Leighton at his house for an ATO cookout and get
together. Leighton is the manager of the Christchurch Travel
Office for the US Antarctic Program. He and his wife have a
wonderful house a few miles north of downtown in Northlands
and there was certainly a good crowd. Lots of folks from both
the Ice and from the office in Christchurch. Leighton and his
wife of course were very gracious hosts and served up great
food and beverages.

One of the entrees though I can definitely live without in the
future was Whitebait. Yes, I tried it and yes, the Kiwis love it.
However...I did not. It's funny that it has to be covered up in
kind of a hash brown-type substance to even make it close to
palatable. Picture udon noodles with eyes. That's what it looks
like...and actually tastes a bit like as well. Ugh.

Before I left, Leighton was proud to show us his garage. I have to
say, this is the only garage I've ever seen that is carpeted. Yes,
carpeted! Someone asked what he would do if his car leaked oil
and he exclaimed that Chevrolets never leak oil. Hmm...they must
have different Chevys in New Zealand than they do in the States!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

You are much braver than I! I still refuse to try whitebait fritters! eewww!

But I see some classic ol' Kiwi sausages on the table there. What do you think of those? Those took me about 5 years to learn to digest. LOL